Suppliers and Service Providers

We acknowledge the need of our suppliers and service providers to be treated fairly and paid promptly for equipment and services provided to us and to receive feedback from us that can help them to be competitive and thrive in their businesses.

We rarely work in isolation. We have numerous business partners, ranging from suppliers and contractors to customers and service providers. Our business is built on solid relationships with those we do business with, across all aspects of our operations. As Grande Prairie’s Energy Company, we are committed to hire and employ local service providers whenever possible. When the companies and businesses of Grande Prairie and the surrounding region thrive, so does 7G. We work to keep our communities vibrant and strong by finding and establishing entrepreneurial opportunities with industry colleagues that add value across the multiple value chains in our economy.

Working together with suppliers and service providers is a high priority. In building these relationships, we aim to be open, knowledgeable, responsive and respectful. In this way, we fulfill our commitment to them as they consistently provide the best value to 7G.

For information on how to do business with us, please email us.