We believe that companies exist to serve the needs of society and, it is society who awards each company their right to operate. With this mindset, we see ourselves as being in the service business. To thrive in the long term, we believe companies must serve the needs of their stakeholders well – this is at the heart of our Guiding Principle.

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Seven Generations identifies seven stakeholder groups in its Guiding Principle. At 7G, we strive to differentiate ourselves and deliver exceptional stakeholder service by:

  • Conducting our business in a way that protects the environment and ensures it can meet the needs of future generations.
  • Meeting and exceeding all regulations and proactively supporting the development of new policies that enable our industry to better serve society.
  • Engaging our communities in the planning of our projects and including them in benefits that come from their development.
  • Treating our partners, suppliers and service providers fairly.
  • Providing a safe, healthy and happy work environment for our people and recognizing their talent and contributions.
  • Managing the investments of our shareholders and capital providers responsibly and ethically to deliver optimal value.
Stakeholder Group How we engage engagement
  • Community investment

  • Meetings and open houses

  • Project development consultation 

  • Participating in community events

  • Employee volunteering  

  • Mentorship

  • Educational forums

  • Community feedback

  • Community engagement activities

  • ESG report

  • Educational opportunities
  • Environmental stewardship 
  • Emergency response plans
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Volunteerism
  • Advocacy
  • Community participation
  • Community engagement support
  • Communication to community
  • Materiality assessment
  • CDP Climate Change Questionnaire
  • Partnerships with environmental organizations  
  • Support for events organized by community groups
  • Membership on the boards of the Mighty Peace Watershed
  • Alliance and the Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership
  • ESG report
  • GHG emissions
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Water stewardship
  • Materiality assessment
Government and Regulators
  • Regulatory and reporting compliance
  • Government and policy consultations via Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
  • Working group engagement
  • ESG report
  • National and provincial laws and regulations
  • Market access
  • Environmental stewardship
  • GHG management
  • Emergency response plans
  • Materiality assessment
Business Partners
  • One-on-one meetings
  • ESG report
  • Financial and operating performance
  • Business opportunities
  • Joint operations
  • Market access
  • Materiality assessment
Supply and Service Providers
  • Field and performance reviews
  • Operations meetings
  • Ongoing supplier relationship management
  • Safety meetings
  • Ad hoc meetings as needed
  • ESG report
  • Business opportunities
  • Health, safety and environmental performance 
  • Financial and operating performance
  • Commercial and technical key performance indicators
  • Technology and innovation 
  • Joint cost savings opportunities
  • Materiality assessment
  • Corporate offsites 
  • Quarterly town halls 
  • Monthly and quarterly safety meetings 
  • Employee training and onboarding
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Company intranet 
  • ESG report
  • Business strategy and corporate performance
  • Employee health and safety and environment performance
  • Wellness initiatives 
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Professional development and career advancement  
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Corporate culture
  • Policies
  • Materiality assessment
Shareholders and Capital Providers
  • Corporate presentations 
  • Investor Day
  • Annual report 
  • Annual meeting of shareholders
  • Attendance at numerous industry conferences
  • Non-deal roadshows
  • ESG report
  • Corporate strategy
  • Financial and operating performance
  • Guidance and outlook
  • ESG strategy and performance
  • Risk management
  • Materiality assessment


Seven Generations’ approach to Indigenous relations flows from the company’s Guiding Principle that identifies communities as one of seven key stakeholders to be served. However, this principle takes on special meaning in guiding our relations with the neighbouring Indigenous communities. They are not ‘stakeholders’: They are rights-holders.  The starting point, therefore, is the Constitutional Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Seven Generation’s recognition, acknowledgement and respect for these rights.  

“The need of the communities where we operate to be engaged in the planning of our projects and to participate in the benefits arising as they are built and operated”.


The pillars of 7G’s community investment strategy are based on supporting health and wellness, education, Indigenous Peoples, the environment, industry participation in professional and technical associations, arts and culture, as well as sports, clubs and teams where our employees and their families are involved.



Working together, 7G and its business partners, suppliers, service companies, contractors, community members and 148 golfers raised approximately $570,000 for the Grande Prairie Regional College and the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation. The annual Seven Generations Energy Charity Golf Tournament brings together the local energy community and has raised $3 million in the last seven years. Held in September, this fundraising tournament helps build a better foundation for public health care and education for the people of northwest Alberta and northeast British Columbia. 

Golf Tournament1

Charity Week2.jpg


In 2019, 7G employees in Calgary and Grande Prairie participated in the company’s third annual Charity Week fundraiser, an event-filled program of games, activities and challenges that fostered teamwork and community spirit. More than $31,000 was raised for several charities.


In addition to the funds raised at the golf tournament and Charity Week, 7G also contributed about $410,000 through donations and sponsorships, which brings 7G’s 2019 community investment to approximately $1 million.




Volunteerism is a defining characteristic of 7G employees, who rolled up their sleeves and continued to serve stakeholders by contributing 10,000 hours to community projects, functions and conferences, social and educational initiatives and local fundraising programs. In addition, through community outreach initiatives and field tours, our people helped educate community members about our operations and industry.

Managing donation requests

7G launched a software tool for managing sponsorship and donation requests from external applicants. The tool streamlines the application process, guiding applicants through a simple questionnaire to help describe their request and how it will positively impact our communities. Check out our online sponsorships and donations tool.

Learn more about how Seven Generations’ employees support and engage the people and communities where we operate.


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