7G Continues to Advance Alternative Technologies to Reduce Fugitive Emissions

AER Approval Received for the 1st Full-Scale Implementation

Seven Generations Energy is committed to maintaining top-tier environmental performance, while striving for continuous improvement to be an industry leader. Recently, we received approval for an alternative fugitive emissions management program (Alt-FEMP) with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). The full-scale program will encompass our Kakwa River Project located in the Montney formation, 100 kilometres south of Grande Prairie. Seven Generations has been deploying innovative alternative technologies to detect and prevent methane emissions since 2018 and has gathered comprehensive historical data that led to the only full-scale approval awarded by the AER. Alt-FEMP small.jpg

“We were able to demonstrate real results and show the value of deploying tech to support the detection of emissions and prevention of leaks,” said Stephanie Neilson, Director of Environment and Regulatory at 7G, “this program will continue to advance our strong environmental performance and shows our commitment to continuous improvement and responsible environmental management.”

By introducing this initiative, it will provide data to inform the AER on the success of sensing technology and strive to support a positive trend for reduced emissions across the industry. This program is managed through a brand-new methane performance portal, which holds public data on methane emissions for the province. Using interactive maps, current and ongoing Alt-FEMPs are available, along with remote sensing pilot locations through the AER’s own methane detection program.

Enlisting the help of aerial sensors along with ground-based comprehensive surveying, we have been able to improve our methane leak detection and ultimately, reduce our methane emissions by 345 metric tonnes of methane per year. Our program includes two technologies (OGI Camera and Gas Mapping LiDAR):

By implementing this Alt-FEMP program, we will also improve our integrity and inspection programs with real-time data to prevent or minimize future leaks. This supports our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, particularly for mitigating environmental impacts.

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