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Generations 2019

Stakeholder and Sustainability Report

Generations is our stakeholder report. It gives voice to the seven stakeholder groups identified in our Guiding Principle. Along with our economic performance metrics, we constantly seek new ways of measuring how we perform with respect to governance and our social and environmental stewardship. To measure is to know, and to know is to be confident in the sustainability of 7G’s operations, and that we contribute net benefits to society.


Past Generations

Sustainability Performance Data Tables

The following data summarizes 7G’s performance across key sustainability metrics.

Economic Value
Economic Value 2018
Funds invested1($) 3.4 billion
Capital investment ($) 1.77 billion
Jobs2 (direct & indirect) 7,000
Labour income2 ($) 600 million
Payments to governments, municipalities, regulators, First Nations3 ($) 95 million
Health and Safety 2018
Lost-time incident frequency (LTIF) 0.10
Total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) 0.98
Fatalities 0
Community Investment 2018
Golf tournament ($) 728,000
Charity week ($) 46,440
7G donations and sponsorships ($) 412,430
Total ($) 1,186,000
Employee volunteerism (hours) 5,000
Employees 2018
Number of employees  
Calgary 115
Grande Prairie 116
Female 79
Male 152
Female 10
Male 42
< 1 year 75
1-2 years 51
2-5 years 86
2-5 years 14
5-10 years 5
10+ years  
Less than 25 years 6
26-35 years 85
36-45 years 80
46-55 years 43
55+ years 17
Training and development ($)5 539,000
GHG Emissions (2017)6 2018
Scope 1, direct GHG emissions (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 871,011
Scope 2, indirect GHG emissions (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 5,080
Total GHG emissions (direct and indirect) (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 876,091
Total GHG emissions intensity (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per barrel of oil equivalent) 0.0136
Volume of gas flared and vented (thousand cubic metres) 23,161
Flaring (thousand cubic metres) 22,300
Venting (thousand cubic metres) 861
Methane (metric tonnes) 8,513
Air Emissions (2017) 6 2018
VOC emissions (metric tonnes) 289
NOx emissions, excluding N2O (PM10 metric tonnes) 2,830
Particulate matter (metric tonnes) 39
Carbon monoxide (metric tonnes) 1,798
Sulfur dioxide (metric tonnes) 0
Energy Consumption (2017) 6 2018
From renewable sources (megawatt hours) 976
From non-renewable sources (megawatt hours) 2,977,128
Total (megawatt hours) 2,978,104
Spills (2018) 2018
Number of spills publicly disclosed on the Alberta Energy Regulator website 3
Water (2018) 2018
Produced water recycled (%) 10
Total produced water brought to internal disposal facilities (%) 23


The current year invested amount reflects money spent on capital investments, royalties, operating, transportation, processing, marketing, risk management, financing, general and administrative expenses and the return of capital to shareholders.

Based on Alberta Finance economic multipliers for oil and natural gas capital investment.

2018 ESTMA Report

Leaders are defined as employees with direct reports.

This amount excludes travel and incidental meals related to training and development.

Emissions and energy consumption are from 2017, the most recent data.


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